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Rehearsal Resources

There are a couple of very useful resources to help with note bashing in your own time.

CyberBass - a site which plays your part with the others more quietly in the background, allowing you to sing along. They have quite a large catalogue of major works, which can be found by clicking here​.


ChoraLineTM - CDs or tapes which play your part on one audio channel, with the other parts on the other channel. CDs cost about £10 each, and they can be ordered online from the Music Dynamics website here. Click here to browse the catalogue and buy.


See also the links to the right for specific music.


Midi player - We have included a link to a really excellent midi player on the right. Just load this free software and start experimenting with the great controls that this simple programme offers. 


You can download a Membership Application Form, a Standing Order Form or a Gift Aid Form by clicking on the links to the right. All forms give instructions for their completion and return.